Racial tension in a "postracial" age / [compiled by] H.W. Wilson, a division of EBSCO Information Services
Book | 2016
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xiv, 198 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 189-194) and index.
Preface ; Racial representation and fictionalization in American media / by Micah L. Issitt -- Race and beyond: the media's stereotypical portrayals of race / by Sam Fulwood III -- Crime coverage in media perpetuates racial stereotypes / by Christopher Benson -- Race science rears its ugly head / by Gavin Evans -- Why we need to talk about Doc McStuffins and race / by Jennifer Harvey -- Rachel Dolezal's story, a study of race and identity, gets "crazier and crazier" / by Maria L. La Ganga, Matt Pearce -- Iggy Azalea's post-racial mess: America's oldest race tale, remixed / Britanny Cooper -- Hollywood "race casting": what the industry is getting wrong about diversity / by Britt Julious -- Working on the race beat / by Jamil Smith -- The modern American dream / by Micah L. Issitt -- Why so many minority millennials can't get ahead / by Mel Jones -- Tech jobs: minorities have degrees but don't get hired / by Elizabeth Weise, Jessica Guynn -- African-Americans are still being victimized by the mortgage market / by David Dayen -- Supreme Court's latest race case: housing discrimination / by Nikole Hannah-Jones -- More black women are dying from breast cancer than white women--and the disparity is growing every Year / by Casey Gueren -- The racial divide within our heart ... attacks / by Tom Jacobs -- Racial injustice still rife in health care / by Vijay Das, Adam Gaffney -- The fight for equality / by Micah L. Issitt -- The price of transgression / by Gary Younge -- Driving while black / by Charles Epp, Steven Maynard-Moody -- The Milwaukee experiment / by Jeffrey Toobin -- Terrorism in Charleston / by Jelani Cobb -- Unrest in Chicago after police officer charged with murder in shooting of black teenager / by Mark Guarino, Wesley Lowery, Mark Berman, Justin Wm. Moyer -- The steep cost of incarceration on women of color / by Tanzina Vega -- The education race / by Micha L. Issitt -- The school-to-prison pipeline / by Marilyn Elias -- Students see many slights as racial "microaggressions" / by Tanzina Vega -- U.S. education: still separate and unequal / by Lindsey Cook -- Parents tried to desegregate their schools. The Roberts court said no. / by William Yeomans -- Race, class, or place? / by Sam Fulwood III -- Campus police departments struggle with issues of race / by Peter Schmidt -- The incidents that led to the University of Missouri's president's resignation / by Elahe Izadi -- Yale students and staff are in a huge debate over offensive Halloween costumes / by Megan Friedman -- Woodrow Wilson's legacy gets complicated / by Jennifer Schuessler -- A new era of civil rights challenges / by Micah L. Issitt -- Growing up "post-racial," teens suddenly find a world that isn't / by Greg Toppo -- America's "postracial" fantasy / by Anna Holmes -- Will today's Hispanics be tomorrow's whites? / by Jamelle Bouie -- The witnesses / by Jay Caspian Kang -- Head of Hispanic advocacy group: Trump's remarks racist / by Gabriel Debenedetti -- The rebirth of black rage / by Mychal Denzel Smith -- A different take on race / by Joseph P. Williams -- For black millennials, a determined hope tempered by frustration / by Henry Gass -- The truth about the white working class: why it's really allergic to voting for Democrats / by Sean McElwee.
Many Americans would like to believe that because the United States has now twice elected a black president, we live in a "postracial" society where discrimination and racism do not exist or only do among outlying, insignificant extremists. Yet, there has been much in the news to contest this notion-not only in the form of police brutality in black communities but also in persisting residential segregation and social inequities between different populations. In opposition to claims of a postracial society, then, are cries of pervasive structural racism and the rise of such activist groups as Black Lives Matter. We have also seen a resurgence in debates around affirmative action and reparations for slavery. While race may be a "social construct," it still has very real effects on national and global politics and society. This volume will explore the state of race in the United States today. -- Amazon.
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