How to weep in public : feeble offerings on depression from one who knows / Jacqueline Novak
Book | 2016 | First edition.
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First edition.
x, 242 pages ; 21 cm
"In her hilarious memoir-meets-guide-to-life, comedian (and depressed person) Jacqueline Novak reveals depression's hidden pleasures, advises readers on how to make most of a cat hair-covered life, and helps them summon the strength to shed that bathrobe and face the world. Exhausted? Rundown? Filled with a vague sense of ennui, an occasional twinge of regret, or a hell of a lot of mood stabilizers? Then this is the book for you. How to Weep in Public is both a tongue-in-cheek advice guide (from a person who has no business giving advice to anyone!) and one woman's breathless journey to consistently put on pants, or at least get out of bed in the morning. Beginning with her earliest blue moments of infancy, and hop-scotching through her exploration of the world of pharmaceuticals, before bounding right back to her parents' couch, Jacqueline Novak will introduce you to the ABC's (Adderall! Benzos! Catatonia!) of depression and reveal, funnily enough, that a lot can happen even when you're standing still. Or, as it happens, lying down. Whether you're coping with the occasional down day, or thrive fully in Picasso's blue period, How to Weep in Public is the perfect place to regroup between those nagging Tony Robbins tapes and that exhausting amount of Leaning In. So sit back, relax, and let Jacqueline Novak teach you how to carpe depressem with the rest of them"-- Provided by publisher.
How to be a depressive-in-training as a child. Babyhood: early practice in crying while making eye contact with strangers ; Let's make a family tree: where every fruit is a mood disorder ; Pediatric health: learning to say no to life with your body ; Defining moments: one big trauma or one million incedental ones ; Hell is other kids: develop a social anxiety on the playground that will come in handy as an adult ; Nightlight chats with a half-Jewish god: the depressive-in-training's guide to faith ; Birthday wishes: that my tenth b-day pass by unmentioned ; School: a hideous microcosm of the world -- How to cultivate your depression as a young adult. Your first therapist: convince her that she fixed you at the end of every session, then go home for more suffering ; "College," people say, "They're the best years of your life": prove them wrong ; Alcohol and drugs: figure out how self-medication fits into your lifestyle ; The pharma shuffle: go off and on and off and on various meds in an endless, shoddy, poorly organized, barely controlled experiment on your own body ; Socializing for the burgeoning depressive: or, I have nothing to offer, so I brought nothing to the party ; Healthy relationships won't serve you now: sad, desperate sexual encounters allow you to pretend you're not depressed, but merely struggling through Act 2 of an Indie about a young girl discovering her self-worth ; Collapse dead at the finish line: get a job and a life and then self-destruct over the course of many months in a performance piece called "Actually, the depression won, but look, I totally gave it a go!" -- How to become a depressed grown-up. Home is where you cry the loudest: the depressive decorates ; Do your crying on a cat: curling up in the comfort of pets ; You're a real depresso now and you're ready for your uniform: the depressive and fashion ; Eat to not die, don't not die to eat: the depressive chef ; Cozy up at rock bottom with a good book: the depressive reads -- How to take your fully actualized depression into the wider world and (gasp) go outside. Make peace with sunshine: the depressive ventures outdoors ; Bad-weather friends: let your depressive antisocial habits destroy thin friendships, reveal the real troupers, and make way for more depressors ; Explore the whole "having a body" thing as a break from the prison of your mind: the depressive on fitness and diet ; Let's do it, let's fall in love: run into the ocean of love with your depression shoes still on ; Get serious about your healing: but don't actually heal until you're in the mood -- Conclusion: off you go, then!
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Online version: Novak, Jacqueline. How to weep in public New York : Three Rivers Press, 2016 9780804139717 (DLC) 2015045864
0804139709 (paperback)
9780804139700 (paperback)
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