Dead serious : breaking the cycle of teen suicide : a book for teens, adults & educators / Jane Mersky Leder
Book | Jane Mersky Leder | 2018 | 2nd edition, completely revised & updated.
Available at FVTC General Collection (HV6546.L43 2018)

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2nd edition, completely revised & updated.
195 pages : illustrations, charts ; 21 cm
First published in 1987 with subtitle, A book for teenagers about teenage suicide.
12 and up.
Includes bibliographical references.
Teenagers who struggle with stress, grades, bullying, anxiety and depression, and sexual and gender identity may find themselves in crisis and end their lives. Learn how to break the cycle of teen suicide by recognizing the warning signs, encouraging conversation, and setting up a network of peers and trusted adults who can listen and, if necessary, connect to medical health professionals. Suicide is preventable.
Foreword -- I'm not a stranger to suicide -- Teen suicide: dead serious -- Here's the thing -- A parable: As told to me by Scott LoMurray, sources of strength -- Why a second edition of Dead Serious? -- Middle school kids -- Three big takeaways -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter 1: When it's someone you know -- Kevin's story -- Reactions to suicide -- Denial -- Blame -- Guild -- Anger -- Grief -- Search for answers -- Healing never goes in a straight line -- Strategies: resources -- Chapter 2: Behind the statistics -- Youth risk behavior survey -- The teenage brain -- Sleep -- Don't you know? It's all academic -- Homework: The 10-minute rule -- Social media: 9 hours a day -- Loss: Death -- Loss: Divorce -- Loss: Support -- Moves are tough -- Economic stress -- When things go wrong in childhood - Sexual/physical/verbal abuse -- The facts -- Chris's story -- Strategies: Where to find help -- Chapter 3: Anxiety and depression -- Anxiety disorder -- Strategies: What can you do to be less anxious? -- Strategies: Some cool apps -- Depression -- Sign of depression -- Some major risks factors for depression -- What causes depression? -- Professionals treating depression -- Advances in treating depression -- Depression on the rise for teenage girls -- Strategies: What can you do to feel less depressed? -- Self-harm: Cutting -- Strategies: If you're a teen cutter -- Chapter 4: Exploding the myths/ recognizing the warning signals -- A quiz -- Exploding the sucicide myths -- Joe and Jeff's story -- Ron's story -- Tim's story -- Jeffery's story -- Steve's story -- SOS: Sucide warning signs -- Six general general warning signs -- Acting out -- Alcohol and drug abuse -- The opioid epidemic -- Teens mix prescriptions with other substances -- Passive behavior -- Changes in eating habits -- Changes in sleeping habits -- Fear of separation -- Stragegies: Where to get help - an introductory list -- Specific warning signs -- Abrupt changes in personality -- Sudden mood swings -- Risky behavior -- Decreased interest in school and poor grades -- Inability to concentrate -- Loss or lack of friends -- Final distress signals -- Loss of an important person or thing -- Hopelessness -- Obsession with death -- Making a will/giving away possessons -- Strategies: What can you do? -- Chapter 5: Suicide survivors -- Every suicide leaves an estimated six or more "suicide survivors" - people who've lost someone they care about deeply and are left grieving a struggling to understand -- My mother's story -- Bev and Ron's story -- My sibling story -- Stategies: Join a suicide survivor's group -- Strategies: Read a book -- Chapter 6: Over the edge : Interviews with suicide attempters -- Kate's story -- Kurt's story -- Natalie's story -- Chapter 7: Bullying : A power play that hurts -- What is bullying, anyway? -- Myths and facts about bullying -- Climbing the social ladder -- What we know about bullying and suicide -- David's story -- 13 reasons why -- Witnessing bullying -- Bethanne's story -- Callan's story -- Cyber bullying: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide -- What's the solution? -- Strategies: ways to stop/react to bullying -- Chapter 8: LGBTQ: overcoming the stigma with resiliency and pride -- An abridged glossary of terms -- Doing just fine, thank you -- Milanka's story -- "Gender-expansive" children and young adults -- Not a level playing field -- Being outed -- Rejection by family and friends -- Physical safety at school and beyond -- August's story -- Homelessness -- Ali's story -- Substance abuse -- Suicide -- Sky's story -- On being transgender: It's not a disorder -- Hope -- Strategies: valuable resources -- Chapter 9: Connections -- Josh's story -- Dylan's story, take 2 -- Strategies: Listening -- Your friends are the first to know -- Strategies: Mirroring ("Mirrow on the wall . . .") -- Strategies: When a friend won't talk -- Strategies: Paying attention to nonverbal clues -- Strategies: How to ask good questions -- Sucide prevention programs that make the grade -- Strategies: Suicide hotlines -- Fire within -- The Trevor Project: "Saving young lives: in the LGBTQ community -- Strategies: Where to get help -- Sources of strength: Peers rule -- SOS Spinoffs: We have your back -- What now? -- "You've got a friend".
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