U.S. national debate topic, 2019-2020. Arms sales / [compiled by Grey House Publishing]
Book | Grey House Publishing | 2019
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209 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Risk and reward: the history of arms trading in the United States -- A world of weapons: historians shape scholarship on arms trading / Kritika Agarwal -- Where did Iran get its military arms of the last 70 years / Kuang Kang Kuek Ser -- "Merchants of death": the international traffic in arms / Gonathan Grant -- Let's talk about George H.W. Bush's role in the Iran-Contra scandal / Aran Gupta -- How British businesses helped the confederacy fight the American Civil War / Joe Kelly -- As the US entered World War I, American soldiers depended on foreign weapons technology / David Longenback -- Losing by "winning": America's wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria / Anthony H. Cordesman -- Economics and the arms trade -- Checks and balances: the economy of warfare -- How the arms trade is used to secure access to oil / Vincennzo Bove -- The global arms trade is booming: buyers are spoiled for choice -- Defense firms say Trump's Saudi arms deal will create 500 American jobs, while Trump claimed as many as 500,000 / Mike Stone -- Trump to unleash more global arms sales / Bryan Bender and Tara Palmeri -- Arming the world: inside Trump's "buy American" drive to expand weapons exports / Matt Spetalnick and Mike Stone -- Why Congress supports Saudi arms sales / Oleg Svet -- Arms and foreign policy -- Guns and diplomats: the arms trade and foreign policy -- The Trump administration has a plan to compete with Russia and China over weapon sales / Dave Majumdar -- After Khashoggi, US arms sales to the Saudis are essential leverage / Bruce Riedel -- US remains top arms exporter, but Russia is nipping at its heels / Terrence Guay -- U.S. approves new military sale to Taiwan, drawing China's ire -- U.S. policy in the Arabian peninsula: an evaluation / Michael Singh -- Why military assistance programs disappoint: minor tools can't solve major problems / Mara Karlin -- America needs to sell more weapons / Alexander Benard -- Japan wants cruise missiles ( and that should terrify China or North Korea) / Kyle Mizokami -- The new Iron Curtain: Russian missile defense challenges U.S. air power / Thomas Grove -- The uneasy co-existence of arms exports and feminist foreign policy / Srdjan Vucetic -- The wrong hands: arms deals, war, and terror -- Sale of U.S. arms fuels the wars of Arab states / Mark Mazzetti and Helene Cooper -- Time to rethink America's vast arms deals / Daniel R. DePetris -- Fired up over firearms: how do export controls relate to 3-D printing of guns / Andrew Philip Hunter and Samantha Cohen -- Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen / Craig Whitlock -- Can selling weapons to oppressive and violent states ever be justified? / James Christensen -- American weapons in the wrong hands / Jodi Vittori -- The human cost -- The human dimension: arms trades and human rights -- How U.S. guns sold to Mexico end up with security forces accused of crime and human rights abuses / John Lindsay-Poland -- Ukraine: US arms sales making big business money while ordinary people pay the price / Liana Semchuk -- US points finger and arms exports, at human rights abusers / Zach Toombs and Jeffrey Smith -- Want to punish Saudi Arabia? Cut off its weapons supply / Jonathan D. Caverley -- Trump will fuel war across world by increasing U.S global arms sales / John Haltiwanger -- Arms sales to Saudi "illicit" due to civilian deaths in Yemen: campaigners / Stephanie Nebehay -- Trump's arms exports rules will undermine US security and risk human rights abuses / William D. Hartung.
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Grey House Publishing, Inc., compiler.
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US national debate topic, 2019-2020. Arms sales
United States national debate topic, 2019-2020. Arms sales
Arms sales
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